A Food Truck as promo vehicle

There are many benefits of using a food truck to promote a new product: from more key market exposure and standing out in your industry, to being cost effective and more!

A food truck can be the perfect vehicle for promoting a new product and can help you stand out from your competitors. This unique type of activation will help you promote your brand message and reach audiences you may not have otherwise. A food truck has the versatility of picking sites and events that are more unique than installing a fixed promo booth in a store, or on a fair. By bringing your mobile tour food truck to where people work, eat, and play, you can broaden brand and new product awareness in an optimal way.

Because of the minimal set up time before the start of your activation, a promo tour with a food truck is also cost efficient! Because of the many branding opportunities on the outside of the food truck your product awareness keeps increasing while hitting the road.

Contact us i'f your interested in your own personalised promo food truck! 

A Food Truck as promo vehicle

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