We are Pentagon: the right mix of creativity, innovation and passion to boost your OOH marketing campaigns and brand activations!

In a continuously digitalising world it becomes harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Getting your potential customers’ attention, activating people and leaving the right impressions: it is a battle that keeps on getting harder. That is why we, at Pentagon, believe that a go-to-the-customer or out-of-home approach, thereby creating a real connection with your prospects, can make a real difference now more than ever.

We make sure that you stand out from all the other brands in the street scene and at events. We make sure that your message is conveyed in a strong and clear manner ánd that it sticks!

We bring your ideas to life and deliver offline marketing solutions that generate visibility and impact like never before. We support brands and companies from all sectors in their marketing campaigns, field marketing activities, events and brand activations.

We know how to put your brand, product or service in the center of attention!


Pentagon - Event Solutions raster

A Food Truck as promo vehicle

Discover here why a Food Truck is the perfect choice to promote your product!

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Event Box

The Event Box is an ultra modular and flexible unit based on a shipping container. This unit has hydraulic openings on the large main sides, which makes it ready to go in 1 - 2 - 3. With this hydraulic openings you can extent the surface to 45m2 all covered so you're protected against bad weather

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Promo Tricycle

This promotional tricycle is highly suitable for all kinds of mobile brand activations, sampling and field marketing activities. The tricycle can also be provided with a trailer or mobile billboard.

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The Airstream is a truly authentic American camper that has been stripped in order to easily personalize it to your own desires. The camper is a real eye-catcher that gives your event that little bit extra! The camper can be completely arranged to your liking.

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This Piaggio with an open loading surface/trunk is the perfect vehicle for your field marketing activities: due to its compact design, it can be used both in- and outdoor, in small spaces or narrow streets.

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The Promowheels is a self-drive unit for all your possible marketing activities: a mobile showroom, mobile training center merchandising unit, sales office, sampling unit, and much more! It is completely adaptable to your wishes. a

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Our Promostreamer is the perfect vehicle for all of your middle sized promotion campaigns. The very striking shape and large customizable surfaces make sure that your campaign will stand out and will become a guaranteed success! Due to its compact shape, it is also very suitable for roadshows.

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Expandable Roadshow Trailer

Our expandable trailer is ideal for use as mobile hospitality and roadshow trailer. In a few minutes, the trailer can be transformed into a two-story unit where you can receive people both inside and on a beautiful roof terrace.

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Expandable Showroom Container

Your mobile showroom, reception area, VIP unit or pop-shop is set up in a few minutes! The container has a total surface of 32 m2, offering space for an enormous number of possibilities. In addition, it is equipped with all the necessary tools and facilities such that you won’t be let short!

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The Hall

Our hall is a large pop-up structure and a perfect fit for your outdoor events like staff parties, PR events and many more! The spacious covered area is a perfect alternative to a classic tent and is set up relatively quickly!

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The Glass House

When walking into our glass house, it immediately seems as if you find yourself in a new, more exotic place. With the right decorations your event will remain in your guests’ minds for a long time. Our glass house gives your event a more exclusive appearance.

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The Barn

The barn is not the same as the second tent on the festival site of Rock Werchter, but is an authentic mobile shed. A wonderful and unique alternative to a classic tent.

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